Why You Should Respect He/Him Lesbians

sub·vert /səbˈvərt/

(verb )

to undermine the power and authority of an established system or institution.

Since existing as a lesbian already challenges the traditional expectations of womanhood, a lot of lesbians found empowerment and freedom in further undermining the system of mainstream gender, its constructs, and its general power and authority over society.

This subversion of gender gave rise to:

  • using different pronouns, including he/him, they/them, zie/hir, and more
  • dressing in traditionally masculine ways
  • being called masculine terms like “boyfriend,” “husband,” and “dad.”
  • taking testosterone to present more masculine
  • getting top surgery



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Jules Rylan

Jules Rylan


Fat, ashkenazi Jewish, non-binary butch lesbian writing about queer history, the Jewish experience, fat liberation, and anything else that crosses my mind.